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The Berner-IWG is an International Working Group for improving the health and lifespan of the Bernese Mountain Dog. This site will present a collection of links and resources about meetings, research and other initiatives aiming to fight the diseases specific to Bernese Mountain Dogs


Next symposium and IWG meeting – POSTPONED due to Covid-19. Now planned for September 2022.

The next meeting and health symposium is being planned for 2021 in the UK celebrating the 2021 Golden Jubilee of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of UK.
The club is offering 3 sets of Bernese Mountain Dog CCs in two days. The three shows will be on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of September 2021. The B-IWG will probably meet on the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd September and the International Health Seminar is being planned for Thursday 23rd September. This is to allow more time for people to travel to the World Show the following week in the Czech Republic. However, visitors exhibiting dogs might like to know there is actually now a rescheduled General championship show, The National Dog Show, planned with the Working Group on Sunday, just over an hour away with a 4th set of Bernese Mountain Dog CCs in 3 days.
The events will be centred around the Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh Business Park. In the middle of England near the city of Coventry and fairly close to Birmingham airport.
Of course it is possible that the COVID situation will still be with us and things could still get affected or cancelled by this but we have to be positive and plan for this event. Please do not make any arrangements until we are able to confirm the events later in the year.

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The News page is where we announce when new information about meetings or research results is available.


There are two providers of genetic tests for Histiocytic Sarcoma, the French company Antagene and the German club SSV. These tests do not give you a diagnosis, but an estimate of your dog’s risk of developing HS. For details about these tests see the “Links” page.