Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2018

August 17th: Symposium - Program

August 19th: Berner IWG meeting - Minutes

Lamotte Beuvron, France 2017

September 15th: Berner IWG meeting - Minutes

Helsinki, Finland 2015

August 28th: Berner IWG meeting. Minutes

August 29th: Sennen specialty - all 4 breeds.

August 30th: Symposium - Program

Geneva, Switzerland 2013

August 29th: Berner IWG meeting - Minutes

August 30th: Symposium. 

Program leaflet.

Abstract booklet in English. Abstract booklet in German / auf Deutsch.

And 3 shows, one of them the Euro-dog show.

Stoneleigh, England 2011

Health seminar - Seminar booklet

IWG meeting - Minutes

and so much more...

Padenghe sul Garda, Italy 2009

Symposium: MH-progress, Breeding index, Renal dysplasia, Fertility, Inbreeding, Over-typing. Program.

Berner Garde Power Point and notes.

IWG meeting: Memberships and progress reports. Minutes

Alberto Vittone Award winners 2008

€ 8.000 - Dr Lise Nielsen, Faculty of LIFE Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

€ 8.000 - Dr. E.Cadieu : CGB/NHGRI/NIH Bethesda Maryland USA

€ 5.000 - Dr. G.R. Rutteman, Utrecht Faculty of Vet. Med., The Netherlands

Burgdorf, Switzerland 2007

Symposium on "objective 10".

Abstract booklet. PowerPoints on longevity and stress.

Alberto Vittone Award winners:

€ - 10.000 Benoit Hedan

€ -   5.000 Dr Johan de Vos, Prof Dr Janos Butinar and Dr Malcolm Brearley

Fourth IWG-meeting, where the need for a "constitution" was recognized. Minutes

Como, Italy 2006

Symposium on international research in Malignant Histiocytosis in BMD followed by the third IWG-meeting (Minutes).

Pat Long's power-point presentation about Berner-Garde (8 Mb !!!)

Chromosomes, Genes and Cancer - A molecular cytogenetic approach to the study of malignant histiocytosis in the Bernese Mountain Dog (Dr. Matthew Breen & Tessa Breen )

Clinical Experience on Tumors of the Bernese Mountain Dog (Prof. Paolo Buracco )

How to participate in the Histio studies (Dr. André, Dr. Ostrander and Dr. Breen )

In Vitro Studies of Cytotoxic Activity of Natural Killer (NK) and Lymphokine-Activated Killer (LAK) Cells Obtained from Blood of Dogs (Dr. E. Burkhardt )

Malignant Histiocytosis in the Bernese Mountain Dog: Study of the physiopathology and genetic causes (Dr. Catherine André )

Therapeutic Management of Malignant Histiocytic Tumors: Innovative Approaches (Dr. G. R. Rutteman )

Salzburg, Austria 2005

SMD-symposium and the second IWG-meeting

Hohenroda, Germany 2003

The third international symposium - this time including all four Swiss Mountain Dog breeds. 

The celebration of the 85-year anniversary of the SSV.

And the meeting that started the IWG

Lenzburg, Switzerland 2002

The second international BMD health symposium. The keynote speaker was Dr. George A. Padgett. Author of the book: Control of Canine Genetic Diseases.

Langenthal, Switzerland 2001

The first international BMD health symposium