2006 – Como, Italy

Symposium on international research in Malignant Histiocytosis in BMD followed by the third IWG-meeting (Minutes).

From the speakers:

Pat Long’s power-point presentation about Berner-Garde (8 Mb !!!)

Chromosomes, Genes and Cancer – A molecular cytogenetic approach to the study of malignant histiocytosis in the Bernese Mountain Dog (Dr. Matthew Breen & Tessa Breen )

Clinical Experience on Tumors of the Bernese Mountain Dog (Prof. Paolo Buracco )

How to participate in the Histio studies (Dr. André, Dr. Ostrander and Dr. Breen )

In Vitro Studies of Cytotoxic Activity of Natural Killer (NK) and Lymphokine-Activated Killer (LAK) Cells Obtained from Blood of Dogs (Dr. E. Burkhardt )

Malignant Histiocytosis in the Bernese Mountain Dog: Study of the physiopathology and genetic causes (Dr. Catherine André )

Therapeutic Management of Malignant Histiocytic Tumors: Innovative Approaches (Dr. G. R. Rutteman )