DBSK – Denmark

DBSK club presentation

Founded 1978
Breeds Bernese Mountain Dogs.
Members Ca. 600
Puppies/year 180 puppies 2013. Number of registrered Puppies falling from about 300 the year before.

DBSK health programs

Health studies, ongoing and finished Cancer program. KUlife. Lise Nielsen finished her PHd, but another Vet continues to help us and seeks more dogs with MH.
Screening programs HD/ED (The Danish Kennel Club) and OCD, if the owner wants it. Many dogs are screened for DM via OFA on, but only on a private basis.
Data collection Hundedatabasen. The official database for the Danish Kennel Club, but only for members.
Funding: Have been funding Lise Nielsens PHd and are still donating money for the cancer-programme at KUlife. (University of Copenhagen)

DBSK events

Announcement of upcoming events