Suomen Sveitsinpaimenkoirat – Finland

Suomen Sveitsinpaimenkoirat club presentation

Founded 1965
Bernese Mountain Dog
Appenzeller Cattle Dog
Entlebucher Cattle Dog
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Members 1200
Puppy registrations around 350-450 puppies per year
IWG contact for the club Heli Herranen, jalostustoimikunta.bernit (at) sennenkoirat (dot) net

Suomen Sveitsinpaimenkoirat health programs

Screening programs
HD/ED screening is compulsory for all breeding stock.
Hips: HD-A HD-B and HD-C are allowed for breeding. A dog with HD-C must be bred to a partner with HD-A or HD-B.
Elbows: ED-0 and ED-1 are allowed in breeding. A dog with ED-1 must be bred to a partner with ED-0.
Dog must be minimum 18 months for official HD/ED screening.
On a voluntary basis breeders also test their breeding stock for eye diseases, patellas, heart and various genetic tests (e.g. DM, vWD, HS pre-test and MyDogDNA Pass)
Estimated breeding values have been established for HD/ED and longevity.
Limit for puppy registration: A BMD can have maximum 60 puppies born in Finland.
Data collection
All registration data, pedigrees, official health screening data (HD, ED, patella, eyes, hear), EBV’s for hips and elbows, titles, results of shows and trials are available in Koiranet which is Finnish Kennel Club’s public database
Member of the Finnish Kennel Club can also add day of death and cause of death in the database.
Breed club is also collecting data of age, cause of death and also keeping records of veteran dogs, various genetic test results and epilepsy, renal diseases to name a few.
Breed club has a health fund. Health Fund is funding autopsies of all Sennen breeds of the membership by request. From time to time the Health Fund also gives funds for various health screenings.
Health Studies

Suomen Sveitsinpaimenkoirat events

29.8.2015 National Specialty in Helsinki
30.8.2015 IWG Health Symposium in Vantaa