Papers on bernese health issues:

Benoît Hédan ,Édouard Cadieu,Maud Rimbault,Amaury Vaysse,Caroline Dufaure de Citres,Patrick Devauchelle,Nadine Botherel,Jérôme Abadie,Pascale Quignon,Thomas Derrien,Catherine André: Identification of common predisposing loci to hematopoietic cancers in four dog breeds

Dogs Genetics Group, University of Rennes: Interest of circulating tumor DNA as a biomarker for canine cancers: illustration in histiocytic sarcoma, oral malignant melanoma and multicentric lymphoma

Dr. Elaine A Ostrander, PhD: RESEARCH PROGRESS REPORT SUMMARY Differentiating between Localized and Disseminated Histiocytic Sarcoma in Bernese Mountain Dogs

Jérôme Abadie, Benoit Hédan et al: Epidemiology, Pathology, and Genetics of Histiocytic Sarcoma in the Bernese Mountain Dog Breed

Franziska C. Hostettler,Dominique J. Wiener, Monika M. Welle, Horst Posthaus and Urs Geissbühler: Post mortem computed tomography and core needle biopsy in comparison to autopsy in eleven bernese mountain dogs with histiocytic sarcoma

Carol Beuchat PhD:  The genetic status of the Bernese Mountain Dog

Michael Klopfenstein, Judith Howard, Menga Rossetti and Urd Geissbühler: Life expectancy and causes of death in Bernese mountain dogs in Switzerland

Birgitte Damsgaard: HS and HSIMS explained

Presentation on research on BS male reproduction by Ida Hallgren.

Eva Axnér, Linda Sofia Rasmus and Toril Melangen: Factors affecting reproductive performance in the Swedish Bernese mountain dog.

Ida Hallberg, Hannah Olsson, Angus Lau, Stina Wallander, Anna Snell, Daniel Bergman & Bodil Ström Holst: Endocrine and dog factors associated with semen quality.

Links on bernese health issues:

Antagene. The French lab that does the HS-test.
This test is validated for Bernese Mountain Dogs world-wide.

SSV. This German club has its own genomic test

Health section of the BMDC of GB web site

BMDCA homepage – Overview current research

Robin Camken’s Health information links

BMDINFO.ORG – Lots of links – some of them health related

Berner-Garde Foundation – BMD database