2023 – Divonne-les-Bains, France

August 23rd: Berner-IWG meeting. Meeting minutes. Questionnaire summary.

August 24th morning: Symposium. Program and registration.

August 24th afternoon: Judges meeting. Program and registration.

August 25th: Gala dinner. Menu and registration.

From the speakers:

Lori Jodar and Gary Galunas: Berner-Garde 2023 Update.

Dr. Catherine André and Dr. Benoît Hedan: The genetic basis of histiocytic sarcoma: present and future applications for the breeder and veterinary medicine. SLIDES.

Prof. Dr. Tosso Leeb: The Vetsuisse Biobank and new insights on the genetic diversity of Bernese Mountain Dogs. SLIDES.

Dina Berlowitz: Epigenetics and the Mental Health of Dogs.

Professor Bodil Ström Holst: Fertility in the Swedish Bernese Mountain Dog. SLIDES.