BMDC of GB – Great Britain

BMDC of GB club presentation

Founded 1971
Breeds Bernese Mountain Dog only
Members approx 1250 at around 1,000 addresses
Puppies/year Average of around 700 per year registered at the kennel club
Other The BMDC of GB is only one of 6 Kennel Registered BMD breed clubs in the UK. Whilst we all have the same status at the KC the GB club is sometimes looked on as the senior club as it is the oldest and largest.
None of the clubs have any direct influence over puppy registration, club membership has no bearing on being able to register puppies at the Kennel Club.
Hip scoring
We have  a very good hip scoring scheme in the UK but this is quite different to that recognised in most FCI countries. Our scores for each hip are broken down into 9 different categories scoring btween 0 – 6 for each (except one which is 0-5). The scores are then added up and each hip scored out of a total of 53 to give a total score with two numbers. Perfect hips would be 0:0 the worst hips and the worst possible 53:53 for a total of 106. The highest we have ever recorded for a Bernese was 102 (I think), The breed average over the last 5 years is around 11.
The club has just (2014) amended it’s rules to make it compulsory for members to score their dogs before breeding. In reality this will make little difference as very few dogs are bred from unscored dogs and these would not be from club members. There is no absolute requirement from the Kennel Club to score dogs although this is recommended but puppies can still be registered from unscored dogs.

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