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SShK club presentation

Founded: “Berner Sennen sällskapet” was started in june 1968. In 1982 the club was officially recognized and got its name “Svenska Sennenhundklubben, SShK“. The club is assiciated to the  Swedish Kennel Club (SKK). Having official status means, among other things, that tke club can organize official dog shows and offer conformation prizes and CACs.
Breeds: Svenska Sennenhundklubben (SShK) represent the four sennenhund breeds: Appenzeller SennenhundBerner SennenhundEntlebucher Sennenhund och Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund.
Members: In 2020 there were 1034 members
Puppies/year: 398 Bernese Mountain dog puppies were registered in the SKK in 2020. This is a decline in registrations over the last 10 years from 600 puppies.

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Spermdefect-genetic variation
Identification of genetic factors on semen quality

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